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The White House: An Historic GuideI got an e-mail notice today that the new An Historic Guide is available, so I ordered mine. It’s been available for a little while, but I just got the notice.

I’m looking forward to official pics of the new Press Briefing Room and the walk-thru of the exterior, but I don’t think it will be all that amazing. I do recommend the White House History books tho. They’re wonderful.

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  1. I got my copy a few days ago. I am disappointed that there are no “residence” pictures labeled from the current administration. The pictures are reprinted and referenced photos from other “An Historic Guide” editions, and administrations. There are some “new-old” and some rarely seen photos too. You do get to see the Laura Bush changes to the Lincoln Suite, Queen’s Bedroom and the Green Room. Even with there being no views of any changes the Obama’s have done to the 2nd floor, and no pictures of the 3rd floor at all, I think the book was done very well. The format is different, and it is 227 pages of great pictures and reference material. I think everyone will enjoy the book, I know I am.

  2. I received my copy of “The White House an Historic Guide” on Saturday and I was also disappointed in not seeing any of Michelle Obama’s changes to the second floor. That’s why I bought it ! But on the other hand, the photography in this new edition is just fantastic and the print is big. Laura Bush’s changes to the Green Room and the Lincoln bedroom are just super. I’ve always thought LB’s version of the West Sitting Hall was just beautiful. A more mdern style while preserving the old.

  3. …… and why no current pics of the Family Dining Room?? For a second, I thought the Zuber wallpaper was uncovered by Michelle (which I personally would love her to do)!

  4. It would have been nice to see ANYTHING that Michelle Obama has done to the family quarters. We have heard about the California designer Michael Smith (I think that’s his name) that she hired way back in 2009, but I guess it is a big secret.

  5. Just returned from D.C. and saw the new guide. I think the old guide my parents bought back in ’64 (sadly long gone) was the most informative-sections on “great art” and notable furniture in the WH. Even my Bush 41 edition I is more descriptive of the rooms themselves. The BIG books by Seale and Monkman are more informative. I suspect Michelle O wisely did not want to publicize their lifestyle in hard times. Remember Nancy Reagan in 81 and the ArchDigest spread; critics had a field day. Joe C.

  6. I usually don’t expect to see what the private residence looks like until a First Family moves out. I understand the need to keep some things to themselves.

  7. I received my copy recently and was very pleased with the presentation–even the “retro-photos” of various rooms. My interpretation was that, with specific regards to the Treaty Room and President’s Dining Room, they were depicted during former “prime decorative” periods and I felt that the guide was the perfect compliment to a recent White House tour which I received! With regard to the private Family areas of the 2nd and 3rd floors and the disappointment others have expressed in the lack of photographic exposure to those areas…Really??? They may be our First Family, but they are certainly entitled to a reasonable degree of privacy, and I politely suggest we respect that! Great site here–keep up the awesome work!:-)

  8. With “reasonable” privacy concerns accepted, all earlier editions of the guide book have included “current administration” views of 2nd floor rooms. I believe where the dissatisfaction comes from is having certain rooms freely shown in all earlier editions in their then current decors, but this edition does not follow that history. The discrepancy is conspicuous and creates disappointment.

    Many if not all of the followers of this site have read and seen information regarding 2nd floor decor changes underway early in this current administration. The history of the guide book alone would give us the strong belief/hope, that current views would have been included.

    There is likely to be many followers on this site and of the guide book, that are disappointed that photos from the current administration were not included. They are entitled to that disappointment, and also entitled to respect for their comments. Really.

  9. I don’t think I could detect any disrespect for any one person’s opinion Stephen, just people expressing an alternate opinion. Cheers.

  10. When seeing Stephen’s experiences with past editions it’s understandable that there would be an expectation to see more.

  11. The cut-line for the newly-added (May 28) view of the west sitting hall says: “The West Sitting Hall, circa 1930, looking southeast.” Isn’t that more a direct westerly view?

  12. Last night’s State Dinner for German Chancellor looked amazingly understated. It would be great to see some pics of the rare Rose Garden setting!

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