New front page and fixes

POTUS Dining Rm carpet

President's Dining Room new carpet

I made some behind-the-scenes changes this weekend and broke most of the images, but they should all be fixed now.

I’ve also added a pic of the President’s Dining Room (a.k.a. Oval Office Dining Room), where the carpet has been changed again.

And I’ve changed the front page image to the Reagan Rose Garden that I used a couple of years ago.

6 thoughts on “New front page and fixes

  1. I love all the pics of the White House. I’m a frequent visitor to your site and always love seeing new pictures. I have two questions ….. 1) why is the 3rd floor of the Residence so much smaller than the other floors, and 2) why aren’t there more pictures from the Clinton White House? In reference to my first question on the size of the third floor, I just wonder why, during the Truman renovation, the 3rd floor wasn’t made bigger with less of a promenade and more floor space. As for the second question, I know that Hillary redecorated many rooms in the White House during the Clinton Administration and I wondered if photos existed showing the renovated rooms immediately after they were renovated …. such as the Master Bedroom, Treaty Room, etc.

    Thanks and keep up the great work on this site!

  2. Check out the 3/16 NY Times ( for a good interview with curator William Allman. The Obama’s taste in contemporary art has prompted a (much needed) revision of the list of artists whose work is sought for the permanent collection. The yellow oval room/Michael Smith “freshening” (fragments can be seen in pics from the Chinese state dinner) reflects an embrace of more cutting edge art, and an upstairs look less wedded to the “museumy” Nixon look. Mrs. Ford was critical of of that leggy, stiff room, and harkened back to the Kennedy look later restored-somewhat-with Nancy Reagan’s upholstered sofas.

  3. …and Ken. Bill and Chelsea did a walk through of the third floor hall in a December 2000 Christmas time special-could have been on HGTV. The hall looked very different from the ArchDigest December 1981 pictures of the Reagan redo. Bill spent most of his time in the Treaty Room/upstairs office,filled with personal belongings (as was his third floor music room). A glimpse of the third floor hall on C-Span’s 2008 special showed it looking rather bare. I’m not sure the third floor-added under Coolidge-was even “removed” in the Truman years.

  4. A little off topic, but the latest word from the WH Photo Office is that Pete Souza uses the old barber shop as his personal office.

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