Ike third floor

I’ve uploaded a few more new images from the Kennedy library, this time from the third floor. It’s amazing to see these rooms in vivid color before the redecoration.

10 thoughts on “Ike third floor

  1. I spotted a lot of redecorating in the Yellow Oval Room during the Chinese State Dinner. It would be great for a WHM follow-up. I noticed some re-upholstering,drapery changes and furniture rearrangement. The artwork has also been re-purposed.

  2. It’s definitely Michael Smith’s touch – mixing antiques with contemporary fabrics and artwork. Would love to see the whole room ,as it has much more personality!

  3. I noticed that the Oval Office dining room has been re-carpeted again. That’s twice in a year. This time it is deep red with gold stars.

  4. Rod – are you looking at the new photos on flickr? I think the photo you were looking at is of the Cabinet Room.

  5. Seth – In the most recent West Wing Week video you can see new carpeting leading from the Oval Office bathroom into the dining room. You would have to look at the very end of the video to get a good glimpse.

  6. Maybe I’m not thinking correctly today, but pictures of the “Washington Room” or the “Empire Room” as it was once known, I am having trouble trying to figure out where on the WH third floor is the room. I’ve been looking at the WHM third floor page, clicking on different rooms. Is it where the area of where the offices are, and if so, is it the north or south wall?

  7. Thanks Derek for clarifying that for me. Again I must not have been thinking correctly earlier, and must have not read it to carfully when going over things. I still like to see pics of the office area on the third floor and pics from the Nat Geographics show following WH Photog Pete Souza.

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