3 thoughts on “1960-61 second floor and ground floor

  1. Great pictures. I wonder if these were in the book prepared for the Kennedys that Jackie received prior to moving into the White House.

  2. I’ve posted a comment on the White House’s facebook page relating to the Photo of the Day for Jan 22, of the President at the GE plant. It is not vital but it does represent a gross error on the part of the WH photo staff.

    Feel free to contact me if you can’t find it in the hundreds of comments there or for further clarification.
    You may feel free to delete this comment as well as it is out of context to this site and thread.

    I’m not a fan but I believe the truth is more important than partisanship.
    Tom McCaffrey

  3. It is great to see the Eisenhowers’ private White House in color.

    For example, in b/w photos, Ike’s Cross Hall looked like it was painted white, to see it was mint green color was surprising. It also made me realize that it may of been a much nicer choice than the endless parade of yellows that the First Families seem to have chosen for the last several decades.

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