JFK photos released

January 14, 2011

Stephen M notes that the JFK Library has released 1000+ digitized photos of from the Kennedy administration, including many never-before-seen images. There are some great ones of the China and Vermeil rooms and some rooms upstairs and even on the third floor.

Search their digital archives.

And if you figure out how we can download the full-sized image, please post a comment here. These are public domain photos. American taxpayers paid for them. We should have them in their highest-quality form.



  1. I clicked on the pictures on the JFK site and that enlarged them, then I saved them. As an example one was saved as a .jpg at 1000 x 796.

  2. Yes, I was able to do the same. OH MY> This is going to burn hours and hours of our time. How fun.

  3. Ok, it gets better. There is a silent video called, “White House Rooom, May 1963”. Don’t miss it. It is 8mm silent video shot by Cecil Stoughton. It switches from floor to floor and back again but it includes all of the Kennedy bedrooms, as well as many of the other 2nd floor rooms. It covers the State and many areas of the Ground Floor, pool and Oval Office. Also, it documents the 3rd floor rooms too, including bedrooms, the ramp, and Caroline’s Kindergarten Solarium and the “play room” at the East end of the 3rd floor. Also check out the bed in the front row of the Family Theater.

  4. Okay, off topic…but re: Obama’s Oval Office drapes…I was looking at CNN today (1/18/11) and the drapes in the background of the photo; are they new? They don’t look like George W. Bushes old drapes. When they re-did the Oval Office last fall, I don’t recall them changing the drapes. Thoughts?


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