Happy new year!

I’ve changed to front page again, and I’ve added a few new photos from the White House Flickr feed from the last couple of months. I have some other things to get to as well.

Also, I got this note I’m not sure about. I missed the documentary in question….

Last month, I saw a PBS documentary about the role of the White House photographer, and it showed him, Pete Souza, in his office. The office is identified in the documentary as the former White House barbershop, with the only remnant of its former use being the mirror on the wall.

This contradicts the museum’s photos, which suggest that the Homeland Security Council office is in the former barbershop.

7 thoughts on “Happy new year!

  1. There was a companion book released with it that I’d recommend getting, called “The President’s Photographer.” The first paragraph is called “In The Barber Shop” and says, “It is eight in the morning and President Barack Obama’s official photographer is digging through a bag in an old barbershop. Until the Clinton Administration, there had always been a barbershop in the basement of the West Wing of the White House, but today, all that remains of the shop is a giant wall mirror in what is now photographer Pete Souza’s office.”

  2. The HSC office is not the old barber shop. The desk of the official photographer sits directly in front of the old barber’s mirror.

  3. I just found from the JFK Library, that they have released 1000+ digitalized photos of the White House just prior to, and during the Kennedy administration. These photos can be enlarged and downloaded from the site. Go to: http://www.jfklibrary.org and on the home page there is a link to the just released, digitalized photos and videos, etc. of the Kennedy years. It was stated on CNN that some of these pictures etc. have never been seen publicly and/or released before.

  4. So far I’ve seen a lot of color photos from 1960, this includes the 2nd/3rd floor halls and some of the rooms. Some of the rooms are listed as “unidentified”. I think I know a lot of people who are going to be playing, “Name That Room” on this site.

  5. I recently purchased the book and DVD The Presidents Photographer, and both are really great! While watching the DVD, I had to rewind it a few times because of the locations in the West Wing and on Air Force One. The way the camera follows Pete Souza around is great, and many of the images can be used to update the WHM site for the West Wing like it had been done, and also a little bit of images could be used about Air Force One. What also would be really great is a floor plan of the old Air Force One (SAM 26000 & SAM 27000, also a floor plan of Marine One would be great! The 3D models are great, but a floor plan of Marine One would make it even better!

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