New Oval Office decor!

Hey! The White House changed the Oval Office decor yesterday! It’s a subtle change, but it looks good. (Thanks to Bob M for the tip and to all those who noted it!)

There aren’t any photos of it up on the White House official stream, so I’m looking for the best source pics to add to the Oval Office page.

PS Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

13 thoughts on “New Oval Office decor!

  1. Okay. Having looked at for a while now…. I’m not crazy about the candy striping. The rug is good, tho, but not as good as what it replaced.

    For the record, I’ve never been a fan of the striping in the Blue Room either. The Blue Room should be blue.

  2. Interesting choice with stripes. But hey, whatever makes the leader of the free world happy and content while he wrestles with his county’s and the world’s problems and lunatic fringe, is ok with this international observer.

  3. Yeah, I’m not that fond of the stripes on the wall, either. It would certainly look better with a solid color – one of the wallpaper colors, or a blend of the two.

  4. Don’t mind the stripes, but dislike the thin red border at the cornice. The rug has 2 navy/dark blue bands framing the quotes and there are several other touches of blue in the office, where did the red come from?

    I agree with Derek – the Blue Room should be blue. Not a room that has blue as its main accent color, but one where blue’s the color everything works off of.

  5. The colors President Obama chose and how it’s decorated does give it an office/business of serious work feel to the room in my opinion. However, I don’t like the stripes of the wall paper like others have mentioned. The seal on the rug, I say it needs more color to it, almost doesn’t seem like it’s the Presidential Seal because of the white background. To me almost looks more like the Vice Presidential Seal. The color of the rug is decent, and I like the dark blue stripes at the edge of the rug. I also like how he has quotes by President’s Theodore Roosevelt, FDR, Lincoln, and Kennedy, along with civil rights leader Martin Luther King for the edge of the rug as well. I do like the blue lamps he used. The furniture, don’t like the color too well, espesially the design he has on the chairs that meant to be moved about.

  6. The couches/table give one of the most formerly elegant offices in the world a look of a cheap suburban family room. Not terrible decor, just very out of place.

  7. The couches/table give one of the most formerly elegant offices in the world the look of a cheap suburban family room. Not terrible decor, just a bit out of place for the Oval Office.

  8. I on the other hand find the vertical stripes a wonderful new design and very accurate to American historic interiors. The walls have been off-white since the West Wing fire in 1929, prior to that they were a darker color. The vertical neutral stripes draw ones eye up to the molding, which was once hidden when it was the same color of the walls. There is a powerful elegance to the white trim and wallpaper stripes, that correlate in color to the more simple rug than the previous radial design (W.Bush) or navy blue(Clinton). The choice of furniture however is rather simple but country-clubesk especially the sofas, keeping with the Obama’s style. With the reupholstered antique chairs flanking the desk and fireplace, the Resolute desk and Boston Seymour Clock the room has its still rooted and traditional flavor. With the addition of the modern coffee table(even if it is just a conversation piece) and chic bowl of apples, and the stunning blue lamps and correlating pillows, It is a phenomenal refined and modern upgrade that The Oval Office has needed for a long while.

  9. I don’t like the striping. I don’t think it’s awful. The red stripe along the top interesting. But I generally favor a very traditional and classic looking Oval Office. I think I’d have preferred if this look be used in the Treaty Room rather than here. The couches truly are awful.

    I think the overall an interesting try at doing something new. I won’t say I hate it, but it’s not my cup-of tea.

  10. Just wanted to add that I don’t like the new coffee table. I feel the oval office should always have an antique and historical feel to it’s furnishings.

  11. Looks rather 1970’s-style, especially the couches with the almost card board looking table in between…

    Also a bit silly is the telephone on the desk with a all the right-hand buttons covered by a plate with the presidential seal – they’d better think twice before giving the president a fully equiped military phone on his ceremonial desk…

  12. The Oval Office now looks like something that arrived in a plain brown wrapper…..did pottery barn have something to do with this? The white used for wood is too bright for the tones in the paper, capet, and upholstery chosen. I would have also chosen the same leather for the chairs by the fireplace as well as the President’s chair behind the Resolute desk. Very similar to the tone of the Treaty Room. Now all you need is some Planters Punch, a spittoon, and Ernest Hemingway.

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