Inside the First Lady’s Office

Politico has an article about the Michelle Obama East Wing office that includes a couple of good pictures that I’ve added to my page on her office.

Obama, who redecorated the space last summer, has gone for something more casual than the gold tones of the Oval Office: an off-white, overstuffed, living-room-type couch — with floral and other printed pillows — along with two brown-and-cream-patterned chairs. The space is painted a warm, cozy peach color, and the windows feature plantation-style shutters rather than curtains or blinds.

2 thoughts on “Inside the First Lady’s Office

  1. Great room! Very relaxing ambience. Sure would like to see more photos of the West Sitting Hall, Living Room and Center hall, though. Why the lack of photos in those areas? We saw lots of those in administrations past. Come on, Michelle, get the camera out!!

  2. Also noticed that the article noted her “Residence office overlooks the Rose Garden.” Leads me to think that the master bedroom sitting room is now used as the first lady’s study.

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