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  1. Hope you’re enjoying your time off. And thank you for the WHM. It’s a treasure for so many of us. 🙂

  2. Enjoy your vacation! Keep up the great work for this site! Just like Peter said, it really is a treasure! It’s been quiet for a while on here, when I first joined, it use to be more busy. I know we all have lives, but it just seems to have slowed down on here. Lets get it busy again! It’s always good to have comments on here about a category!

  3. How long does it take to change the photo, really – a few seconds at most !! Lazy boy !!

  4. This site has gotten so quiet, is everyone asleep out there??
    Where are all the WH Fanatics??

  5. all the WH Fanatics are over on Facebook–still chatting and discussing our favorite subject. Come join us!

  6. Hi Mike,

    I’ll jump in and respond to your question about the lack of activity. As Derek has said in the past the high level of activity the WHM had enjoyed initially was a result of it being pretty new at the time. Derek had imagined that at some point it would likely slow down since availability of new photos would become less frequent. Derek relies to a large degree on tips from visitors and submitted photos. Although it seems like less is going on around here I’m still a daily visitor because I want to see if anything is added to the “Whats New” page.

    Sometimes photos are White House related but not of vital interest that they be added to the WHM site. Sometimes I have suggested photos to Derek but he decided not to post them. I’ve agreed with his decisions because they really are debatable as to if they should be included. As mimlog stated, if you find some odd White House photos give Derek a try first, and then try posting them at the White House Fanatics page on Facebook. Photos there can be specifically commented on and debated, whereas here at the WHM it’s nice to see photo pages free of comments.

    I’m not trying to answer for Derek, but I’ve heard what he’s said in the past regarding the slower periods he’d expected the site to go through. I personally am preparing for some increased activity surrounding the 2012 election and am working on some new 3D models to give some new views.

  7. Very succinct, Peter. I used to search the Library of Congress and Corbis and scour books and magazines all the time, but the pickings got slimmer and slimmer until it no longer made sense. Now I mostly just monitor the White House Flickr feed.

    As it is, the site completes my vision of fully documenting the White House, so I’m happy with it being rather static now. The wonderful White House Fanatics Facebook group is definitely the place for ongoing discussion.

    I still have a guilty little pile of photos that people have sent that I really have been meaning to add, but I just haven’t got that itch to really focus on it for a while. You can see from the What’s New page that back in May I got that itch and added a bunch of photos. Then back in December I added Pete’s terrific Air Force One. It comes and goes.

    If you care to know what is stealing all my nerd time, it’s one of my other sites: Zarban.com, where I’ve documented all the audio commentaries for movies and TV that are available on the Web.

  8. Thanks, Derek and Peter. .. just to let you know Facebook is blocked at my work so I can’t enjoy the WH fix as much

  9. Thanks to Derek and Pete as always for comments and all they do for this page. I didn’t notice it until recently, but I was the first comment aftrer Peter’s, the “anonymous”, for some reason my name wasnt there any more and I do make comments on here. I would like to see a floor plan of Marine One. The 3D model Peter made is great, still would like a floor plan. Sure it’s nothing like AF1, but still like to know how it’s designed, where the President sits, where oinside Marine one is the Presidential Seal, if there is one (besides on the President’s Seat and little items, more of the Presidential Seal on the Wal is what I’m refering to)? Even the National Geographic DVD On Board Marine One, shows the inside of it, but it doesn’t really give you much of a feel as to where is the President’s chair is and so fourth from the rest of the helicopter. By the way, does anyone know of good aerial color photos of the WH from both the North Portico and South Portico sides? Not aerial photos directly overhead the WH either.

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