New front page: China Room ’58

Apparently, my April Fool’s joke was to forget to change the front page for the month, but I’ve done it now. I’ve chosen a pic of party guests in the China Room in 1958, one of my favorites.

6 thoughts on “New front page: China Room ’58

  1. Hi Derek. The new photo of the Kennedy Garden on the “What’s New” page is mis-dated. It doesn’t show the Truman Balcony on the south portico, which had been built by 1950, and I believe the pool shown here disappeared when FDR reconstructed the East Wing. I would guess that this photo dates to the 1920s.

  2. The South Portico shows the small screened section that was in place in the 1920s, but no later, I think.

  3. The clothes are interesting. The men have white dinner jackets, which to me suggests black tie in the summer. One woman looks extremely formal in a floor length gown, while the other looks like she is going to a fancy lunch.

    Is anyone else not able to get the historic Blue Room photos? I am always redirected to other sites.

  4. Dennis, I got a 404 error too, but then I reloaded the page, and it came in fine. To save bandwidth, I moved a bunch of images to another web domain that I control, but not for that page.

  5. I am still not getting the historic Blue Room photos. Anyone else?

    Did you note Michele Obama’s photo in the Family Dining Room in the most recent issue of Good Housekeeping?

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