West Wing in Sky

Sky, the magazine of Delta Airlines, has as their cover story for March some interviews and photos with some of the folks who work in the West Wing, including the president himself. The photos aren’t much to look at (they’re portraits mostly in the EEOB), but the interviews have some pleasant human interest about the pace, the treasure of small moments, and favorite rooms. Deputy Chief of Staff Mona Sutphen says the Kennedy Garden. Deputy Assistant Danielle Crutchfield says the West Wing corridors, where the photos on the walls change frequently. Photographer Lawrence Jackson says the Palm Room.  Director of Online Programs Jesse Lee says the Diplomatic Room. And the president gives a total cop-out answer (where Michelle and the kids are).

Man up and say “the bathroom with the sports page.”

One thought on “West Wing in Sky

  1. I had two long 8 hour flights to and from Hawaii recently, and the first thing I see in the seat pocket in front of me going to Hawaii is a picture of President Obama on a magazine cover. At first I thought someone left a magazine on, but right when I grabbed it, I noticed it was the Sky magazine. Few minutes after take off I read through it, and thought it was pretty cool to read what some of the staffers had to say. My favorite was from a WH photographer, since I am into photography! The White House can give me a call and offer me a job as a photographer any day! Heck, even if its an all access-one day-no pay they granted me to go anywhere in the White House, I would almost be like a kid in a candy store! I would probably need two or three memory cards..lol

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