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At last, with the fantastic help of Peter Sharkey, I’ve created a page for Air Force One. You may recall that there is already a page for the 3D model of Air Force One, but the new page includes a full history and photos of all the different versions of the airplanes of the chief executive, from Sacred Cow to SAM 29000.

Don’t forget that you can keep an eye on Pete’s work on Wingnut’s Workings.

EDIT:  Weirdly, I happened to be watching Stephen Fry in America episode 7 (because I’m cultured, you know) and he visited, among other places, the Air Force moth ball facility in the desert. I immediately picked out one of the 707-based Air Force One aircraft among the planes, altho the tail number was obscured by sun.

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  1. Thank you Derek for your enthusiasm and support of my favorite hobby. The White House Museum is a treasure and it’s an honor to contribute here.

  2. I’ve been avidly following Wingnut’s Workings lately and the AF1 work looks terrific. Is this newest Sketchup model going to be made available for download? It looks like the one available on this page is still the old one, without the interior.

  3. Derek and Pete, Fantastic Job! It’s great to see it, I love it! Something I suggest, when clicking on a portion of the diagram, it will bring you to photos taken in that area of the plane. If need, images from videos by National Geogrpahics could also work, like some pics for the rest of the WHM site. Good history of the Presidential planes! Can we get a page similar to this with the history, diagram, and photos of Marine One (HMX-1)?

  4. I recall back in the late 1960s and 1970s the 89th Military Airlift Wing at Andrews AFB had a few 707s in the VIP fleet which were conversions from cargo planes. These aircraft had no windows for passengers along the fuselage, and they may be at the “boneyard” near the Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona.

    These VIP planes, painted with the familiar blue and white design similar to AF

  5. Sorry for the premature submittal above. Here is the rest of the story:

    I recall back in the late 1960s and 1970s the 89th Military Airlift Wing at Andrews AFB had a few 707s in the VIP fleet which were conversions from cargo planes. These aircraft had no windows for passengers along the fuselage, and they may be at the “boneyard” near the Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona.

    These VIP planes, painted with the familiar blue and white design similar to AF1, were often assigned to Congressmen on junkets, and despite their VIP comforts inside, they were not well enjoyed because on the lack of windows. President Johnson would assign them to Congressmen he was trying to pay back for a lack of 100% loyalty.

  6. Colton, thank you for sharing that video. I thought the whole buzzing as to when to open the door along with the “changing of the guards” at the end were really neat. It’s always amazing to see how the marines or any military branch for that matter, are so discipline and do things in such a formal way with their movements and all. How often does the President or VP, or highly known individuals go through the main entrance of the WW in front? They mentioned about the rose garden, does that mean they are also stationed outside the OO or the door to the Presidents Sec office? Are they stationed at all doors of the WW? Also, does anyone know where there is a good web cam that shows the White House? I would like to be able to see the WH at any time I chose via web cams. I know CNN always has a shot on the WH when I catch the show “The situation room” and is it possible to access that shot some how?

  7. Hi Steve,

    I have not seen an photo evidence of Marine’s regularly guarding any other door other than the north WW door. From what I gathered from the Marine in the video, he mentioned the Rose Garden because the Colonnade is a main traffic corridor for many people including the Marine’s when they arrive for work.

    As for the cam, I doubt that the Secret Service would allow for a cam to be on the White House 24/7. But I could be wrong. I know the networks show the shot from the building across the way but those shots aren’t 24/7 and are likely allowable and does not allow a person on the web to zoom in closely.

  8. Hey Peter, thanks for the info! As for a web cam, it doesnt have to be one for being zoomed in. My passion and interest for the Presidency and WH is great and it would just be nice to be able to see the WH whenever. Any kind of city cams that would show it… even if its in the distance, but you could tell its the WH?

  9. There are television cameras focused on the White House all the time. They are located at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce building, 1615 H St. NW, and at the Hay-Adams Hotel, 800 16th St. NW. They are used by television outlets like NBC as background images during news presentations.

  10. Rod, is there any way to connect to those shots, like via the networks website, or going onto the website of the place such as the Hay-Adams site and checking out the camera that way? Any other cams that might show the WH? Is it illegal to have a web cam that shows the WH? I have a big passion and interest in the Presidency and would like to be be able to see the WH via web cams any time. Nothing specific, but just the WH itself is fine. Any time I see those live shots from CNN or another network, I always pause for a moment and look at the shot of the WH, cause I know it’s a live shot, much more so than some reporter standing on the WH grounds with part of the WH behind them.

  11. H Steve,

    I believe that was my original point, that if a cam exists it likely is not available to the general public. It would be nice to have such a feature.

  12. I think that the Chamber and the hotel lease space to the networks, and they place their own cameras there. You could search the Internet for “white house webcam” and see what you can find.

  13. Hey Peter, sry, I wrote that last post of mine late, or early if you want to say it that way, after work and I’m trying to find any way of a “web cam” of the WH. Rod, just like Peter posted that he couldnt find anything, same here…I’ve tried to find things…even D.C. web cams and all. Closest I get is a capital cam. I second Peter’s coment…could you help us out? I’m sure other WH lovers would like to know of one as well.

  14. I don’t know of any such Internet webcam. If I did, I would have given the link. I doubt there is such a website, but I don’t think it is because the secret service forbids it.

    The only reasonable location for a camera is on the roof or upper floors of those two buildings — the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Hay-Adams Hotel — as I think they are the only privately-owned buildings close enough and of sufficient height with a view of the north facade of the White House.

  15. Derek/Peter — just thought I’d ask again: is the newest Sketchup model of AF1 going to be made available here for download?

  16. . . .meaning that whether it is made available here will be up to Derek for sure. I haven’t decided yet if I will make it available and offer Derek to host it. I’m just being careful because some of my models have gotten posted in the Sketchup Warehouse with other people trying to claim credit and fighting to have them removed is not easy.

  17. Peter, I always enjoy your work, and I believe I have seen your model White House on display. I went to an exhibit in my hometown that features the Presidency and there was a large White House model there where you could get a glimps of what some rooms are like, was that your model? Also I wanted to know since there is a 3D model on WHM of Marine One, will you do a sketch of Marine One like you did with AF1? I know it’s smaller and maybe not as interesting as AF1, but I’m sure a few people would find it interesting. Keep up the great work!

  18. Hi Steve,

    Thank you for the compliment. If you are referring to and actual physical model of the White House rather than a computer generated one, then no that is not my work. My work is strictly with computer generated imaging.

    I have thought about doing a Marine One sketch mostly because the models I made were some of the first models I had ever done, and were not done well given the skills I’ve acquired since. So making an updated one may be in the works. We’ll see.

  19. Hello,
    I’m doing research on the Tiffany decoration of the White House. It may be that I’m just having difficulty finding my way on the blog here, but the Nest Magazine site is giving me trouble as well. Can you give me more information on the illustration of the Tiffany scheme for the Blue Room? Was there an article that accompanied it? What about the publication date/ issue number? Any information is very much appreciated. Thank-you.
    Yours sincerely, Jeff Freeland

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