New front page — JBK bedroom

I’ve changed the front page for October to one of my favorites: Jackie Kennedy’s bedroom.

I’ve continued looking for new photos on the Library of Congress site, the Google Life photos site, and the White House Flickr feed, but there isn’t much new. I have some video captures that were sent to me that I’ve been meaning to add, but there’s not a whole lot that’s really new, just slightly different perspectives.

4 thoughts on “New front page — JBK bedroom

  1. I saw an interesting article on The Huffington Post you may be interested in (link below) about the modern art the Obamas are putting up in the White House. This includes a new sculpture for the Oval Office and a portrait of Harry S Truman (perhaps to inspire President Obama to get health care done properly, although LBJ would have been a better choice). Would be great to see pictures of some of this redecoration in context, as so far most of the Obama-era pics look a lot like the Bush-era ones.

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  3. There is a new batch of WH pix on flickr, but it shows nothing much new of the WH interior. If the Waldorf-Astoria was the WH, we would have a mother lode to work with. You’d think he spent all month there.

    The best I can tell from the shots of the president seated, he is a sloucher — speaking purely about his posture.

  4. I think the Obamas are holding off on any major redecoration, especially in public or semi-public rooms. In the best of times such redecorations tend to be politically risky and during the “Great Recession” that daner is exponentially magnified. However, it does look like the Treaty Room has gotten a new wall covering, although the drapes look like the same ones Bush had installed.

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