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I changed the front page to a beautiful photo of Mrs.s Ford and Rockefeller in the yellow-clad Solarium that I first used three years ago.

I also added a couple of new photos that I found on the Google-Life magazine site.

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  1. I like the old carpet compared to the new stuff. New carpet seems kind of cheap. Perhaps it looks better in person.

  2. I like the old carpet compared to the new stuff. New carpet seems kind of cheap. Perhaps it looks better in person.

  3. That new carpet looks to be commercial grade, like in a restaurant where people are expected to spill their coffee to often.

  4. I agree. They need to keep the carpets traditional. As a tax payer, I’ll pay more for the carpets visiting heads of state walk on to meet POTUS.

  5. I don’t like that new carpet. I liked the one they’re ripping out now but I also know it was there for the better part of 8 years.

  6. Peter, you are incorrect. That carpet is relatively new and was typically replaced in sections, especially during special events like when the Queen visited. I know there was at least a major renovation in 2005 as well where everything was replaced.

  7. Just saw a recent photo of the Yellow Oval Room with the Obamas entertaining royalty. Have a look at the reflection in the overmantel mirror. Isn’t that the long serving chandelier returned to this room after a brief replacement during the Bush years?? (Saw it on

  8. I know this is a different subject, and not directly about the WH itself, but not sure where else to ask this, and I applogize in advance that its off the topic of the WH itself… My question, is it prohibited to take photos of Air Force One? The reason I ask this is Air Force One came to my hometown recently, and I was near the airport (not inside, but outside of it along the fence) and got to see the plane land. A police officer on hand said no photos for security reasons and after it landed and was taxi-ing, the police officer said we could take a photo. I got a few nice shots with the camera and lens I have, you can’t tell there was a fence in the way. Is it ok to put this on my facebook profile? I need to take it some place first where I can put in small text in a corner of some photos that I took the photo (not anyone else) then put it in my portfolio of my still photography work on my facebook profile. I did my homework looking at wikipedia (spelling) about AF!, the famous AF1 flyover incident, and WH military office. Also looked on the offical WH website…nothing about taking photos is prohibited and putting it on websites is prohibited. I know as long as its not for commercial use, which its not, just my porfolio to show my work. Besides, there is amature video on youtube about AF1.

  9. There is no law that I know of. You and the rest of Americans have paid for that plane and it belongs to them. The President simply uses it because he is elected in that capactiy.

    There is probably no law from stopping you taking them either when it lands, the cops generally just ask that people don’t take photos at certain points because they are concerned about security procedures, etc. IMHO, they should probably talk to the White House photographers and the press, because there are a lot of sensitive photos that they show on the official White House Flickr stream, website, etc.

  10. It’s absolutely okay to take pictures and post them. If you were on public property you are fine.

    There are thousands of photos of AF1 online and many of them I’m sure are more sensitive than anything you shot.

  11. There are planes that often may not be photographed when the photographer is on U.S. government property, like spy planes such as the U-2 and the A-12, but there is no way they could legally prevent anyone off government property, or at a public airport, from taking photos of AF1 and posting those photos on the Internet.

    The only legitimate reason I can think of in this instance is due to AF1 using some odd, evasive landing pattern due to a known threat, which the Air Force and Secret Service did not want anyone to record.

    When the president is coming to town, the police take their orders from the Secret Service, and if an agent instructed the police to prevent photos while AF1 was landing, there may have been a good reason for it.

  12. Thanks for the info Colton and Rod, it’s a great help! Not sure if you want to call it public property, but I was right against the fence, which was on grass, next to a curbed residential street. Not sure if that is airport property or not. Still, it was a public international airport, the main airport people fly in and out of when coming to the main metro area of a major market city. I didn’t see anything real odd about the landing, looked like a normal landing. I know the plane flew overhead where we were and it turned so it could land and then taxi on the area of the airport they wanted to land. Rod, even though at first the police officer said no photos, then said we could snap a photo (even though I got 3 or 4 in), is it ok for me to post them on my facebook page? Again it’s not for commercial use, just adding to my portfolio of pictures I’ve taken…being I do some still photography work.

  13. Thanks again Rod! I really want more photos in my portfolio and AF1 pics in there would really get the attention of a client when they are looking at my work.

  14. Exactly Right Rod, Secret Service give the Police Orders and plan the whole protection routines. The plane itself dosent come under the Secret Service, it comes under the Us Air Force. Secret Service only protect the person not the plane.

  15. WHM Fan, I will see what I can do, its under my facebook page and I only let friends see it. Any other ways could be helpful as well. I can change it on my facebk settings for a day so you could see my wrk if u have facebk, or to post the link on here.

  16. Steve,

    That would be great, you might want to consider getting a website to host your work. You can get one for pretty cheap now a days or even host on one of the free sites around.

  17. Steve: flickr & photobucket are both easy to use and are free to use…you just have to register. If you already have a yahoo account then you have a flickr account.

  18. Seth, I will probably do a flickr or photobucket account since its free. All the photos in my portfolio I need to be able to put photo by: and my name on them in one of the corners of the photo, espesially the ones of AF1, and I will place it on flickr or photobucket and place a link here for people to see. I live in MN, so any suggestions of things considered Presidential or things associated with the Presidency that anyone knows of in my state that I can get photos of & add to my portfolio?

  19. I just received my copy of Ulysses Grant Dietz and Sam Watters, “Dream House: the White House as an American Home,” Acanthus Press, 2009.

    From the acknowledgment page (p. 7):

    …William G. Allman, curator of the White House; Hillary Crehan at the White House Historical Association; Derek Jensen at; Susan Newton at Winterthur Museum and Gardens; …

  20. I’m looking for very good looking large or extra large photos of The White House, both the north portico and south portico. I would like both pictures to be same in both large or both extra large, in addition to an overall good looking photo (blue sky, and lawn looks good). The photos must look similar, for example the photos of the WH on both sides were taken the same day and have the same lighting…the blue sky tone is the same, etc.. Day photos, but if there are good night photos of both sides of the WH, again large or extra large, that’s good as well. Same goes for nice photos of both sides of Air Force One and Marine One… Any help is greatly appreciated, just let me know where I can find them. Huge Thank you in advance to all those that do help me!

  21. How is the book “Dream House:The White House as an American Home”? Is it any good? Any new pics that we haven’t seen before? Is it worth the price?

  22. There were a a few new pictures (to me). But much like Seale’s book from the 90s, it nicely draws upon a lot of pictures from different sources (Truman’s Report after the renovation, magazines, presidential libraries).

    It also arbitrarily organizes the furnishings at the White House into historical periods that the authors feel reflected the country’s value or emphasis on domestic furnishings and life during that time period. For example, the period between FDR and Eisenhower is called suburban; we see the picture of Ike grilling on the roof promenade outside the Solarium, and lots of furnishings that reflected American domestic choices for that time period.

    They stop with Jackie Kennedy, and charge that she was creating what the White House should have looked like, a revisionist historic renovation. Seale essentially says that it was McKim who first did that in the 1902 renovation.

    I am glad I bought it. I have all the WH guidebooks, Seale’s books, many Life magazines with WH photo spreads, the Singleton volumes, and other books that came out over the years as well as several of the WH staff memoirs. The quality of the book is nice, they integrate architecture with furnishings, and try to give a historical context with pictures and floor plans of other American homes for each of their periods (or from England in the case of the first period during the initial design and construction).

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