New Flickr photos

The White House has released some more new photos over the last several days, but there aren’t many that show interesting details of the mansion or wings. One that show the Resolute desk could have been nice, but the depth of field is so short that the president is in focus but the front of the desk isn’t.

The summer time of the first year of an administration is a natural period of a lot of travel. I suspect the first family will settle down soon as the holidays approach, and we’ll see some more interesting photos come out.

4 thoughts on “New Flickr photos

  1. It is interesting to see where the President chooses to give his — I mean “Your” — Weekly Address which is released late each Friday night. This weekend’s is in the Library. The two previous were in the Roosevelt Room, and presumably taped back-to-back, since he was headed to the Cape for “vacation”. All they did was change his tie and move the camera angle a bit.

    Each speech is accompanied by a set of prop flags — an American and a Presidential — set very low on short poles to be sure they fit in the camera’s close-up shots, and with no ornaments on top of the poles, since they would be out of the camera’s view anyway. See, for example, in the Map Room.

    I don’t recall any president using prop flags like these before, although, of course, all presidents have used a properly outfitted set of flags as props for televised speeches.

  2. The new carpet seems kind of cheap compared to the old stuff. Kind of looks like something you would find in a department store. Perhaps it looks better in person.

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