New White House stream photos

There are at last some new photos of the White House on the official Flickr photostream. I don’t think there’s anything there that it new to us, but I’ll keep looking.

Also, I’ve been sent some great video captures from recent video tours of the WH. I’ll add some of those soon. And I just got delivery of Reilly of the White House, a 1947 memoir of a Secret Service man that promises to have some interesting tidbits.

One thought on “New White House stream photos

  1. I was looking at the set of new photos on White House Fanatics — — which Seth had captured from the recent MSNBC videos. They show that some minor changes may be due on Peter Sharkey’s diagram of the first floor of the west wing, particularly around the chief of staff suite.

    There is a tiny rest room at the northeast corner of the chief of staff’s office. That shows up in one of Seth’s stills. Also, there is a doorway from the chief of staff’s outer office through to the office of the “senior advisor”, occupied by Peter Rouse. And, David Axelrod’s outer office spans the entire north end of his office, rather than being in the northwest corner.

    I found a photo — not on-line — from the Johnson administration of what now is the chief of staff’s office but back then was a secretarial bullpen, with “chief of staff” (back then called administrative assistant) Horace Busby occupying what now is the chief of staff’s outer office. The secretaries in that bullpen were referred to as Busby’s Girls. Walter Jenkins preceded Busby in that office.

    I also found a photo of Monica Lewinsky and President Clinton posing in the chief of staff’s outer office. You all probably already have seen it, but here is the link

    I also came upon part of an old Secret Service floor plan of the west wing, showing room numbers. It looks like the Oval Office is (or at least was) room W-116, so why the President’s rest room is has number 500 on it remains a mystery.

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