Grandpa Truman

Not much has been happening lately that has resulted in photo releases by the White House or other outlets, either of new or historical photos, and I’ve been quite busy with work life, but I continue to monitor the usual sources.

Meanwhile, Jack M sent along a link to a terrific article on Harry Truman from the perspective of his grandson, from the National Archives. This is mostly the post-White House Truman but includes the description of a trip to the Johnson White House. Very amusing.

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  1. Hello White House bloggers,
    I’m trying to get hold of a couple of old sources that look as if they might help me with a novel I’m writing, partially set in the White House right before it was burned by the British in 1814. The items I’m looking for – and would hope that someone would be willing to send me scans via email (happy to covers costs etc) are:

    1. Marie Kimball: “The original furnishings of the White House” published in Antiques 15 (June 1929): 481-86 and 16 (July 1929): 33-37.

    2. Margaret Klapthor, “Benjamin Latrobe and Dolley Madison decorate the White House, 1809-1811” (1966) – this is apparently a small pamphle, published by the Smithsonian, of 6 or so pages.

    Any help very much appreciated.

  2. Nick: both of those books are available on, but hurry up because they only have one of each.

  3. Hi Rod – I did see that but was hoping that some kind soul would help me avoid the $US 40 each plus postage to Canada that those items are going for….

  4. Does anyone know about any documentries on Camp David? Documentries about Camp David can be from anywhere. Besides the history channel, and national geographics, any other documentries about Air Force One or Marine One that anyone knows of? Any info is helpful and greatly appreciated!

  5. Turns out that the picnic table was not handicapped-accessible enough for Prof. Gates, so they switched the beer nuts summit to a round table at the east end of the Rose Garden. It was a perfect location for the photogs.

  6. Is this the only time in WH history that a table has been set up there for an official event?

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