1911 summer White House design

Tonight, Secret America aired on the Discovery Channel, and one portion of it concerned the White House. At one point, a Library of Congress curator shows a detailed drawing of a castle-like design for a summer White House in the Rocky Mountains. This is something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before; and it doesn’t appear to be available on the LOC website.

Does anyone know more about it?

3 thoughts on “1911 summer White House design

  1. Pics or it didn’t happen.

    Oh, right, it didn’t happen.

    I’ve been ambivalent about the veggie garden. Like Hilary’s sculpture garden, I don’t think it will last. But perhaps Pete will add it to the grounds plan for this administration at least. I’ve kind of been meaning to add something about the sculpture garden–I even bought the book they published about it.

  2. Having viewed the new garden, from the fence with the other commoners, I liked it. People were talking about it. It really humanizes the first family. Having kids come to help is great. The bee hive is fun, but not sure I like its location. Derek is right things come and go, that’s the beauty of the WH. Too much has gone over the years though. Those dang wagon loads of furniture auctioned off. Love to have been there.

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