New photos and Nancy Reagan

The White House has released a number of new photos taken in the West Wing. Here are an interesting couple of photos of the president chatting with Congressional leaders on the patio outside the Chief of Staff Office, a site rarely seen. Also, a really good one of the ceiling medallion in the Oval Office. And here is one looking thru the passage between the Blue Room and the Green Room that really shows the paneled storage doors.

And cheers to Nancy Reagan (shown here on left) on the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth.


2 thoughts on “New photos and Nancy Reagan

  1. When I was studying the sub-basement plans I had noticed that the spaces shown in the passage between the Blue Room and Green Room have some ductwork relating to heating cooling. This may explain the louvers clearly visible in the lower half of the doors shown. In this case I suspect it may be the cold-air return.

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