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  1. I would think that between Pete Souza’s flickr site and the NBC special, Derek will have a full plate to work with for a long time. Just from the clips of the NBC special which I have watched on the msnbc.com site, there now are far fewer mysteries about the West Wing.

    And, we also now know that the President shares his private restroom. See http://www.flickr.com/photos/whitehouse/3583570040/in/set-72157618986791573/ which has the cut line “President Barack Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and their senior advisors during a break in their meetings in the Oval Office May 18, 2009.” I think we all know what that break was about.

  2. It’s been a big & busy few days for The White House, NBC, and for us who love The White House with the whole special Inside Obama’s White House…now lets give Derek some space cause he will be busy with a lot to work with. I hope we all recorded the show, and I’m sure most of us hit the rewind button from time to time watching the show, I admit I did. Everything so far is great, but one thing I found interesting that I didn’t know was the whole motorcade part of taking off the Presidential Seal on the side of the limo and taking off the flags, and no police motocycles for a small OTR outting.

  3. This is lots of new things I learned about SS and were they are positioned in the WW. I’m not sure if that’s something we should get into too heavily. But I want to.

  4. Colton, I’m with you about wanting to get into about SS and where they are positoned. I also would like things here like a floor plan about Air Force One and Marine One…of course not much of a floor plan for Marine One, but still be nice. I know “how stuff works” has a floor plan of AF1, but I think ours would be more accurate. That’s all up to Derek, the mastermind of this great site! We know about the PEOC under the East Wing, but why don’t we get into that? Nothing top secret, but just the usual stuff like we do with the rest of the White House. Anyway to seperate the situation room portion on here..click on one spot its all the same..any way to seperate it and click on different aspect for diffrent rooms all associated with the SIT Room?

  5. I like the shot of Michelle’s office. I added to my site. It shows a new modern painting over her couch. Replacing the mirror there and the garden painting or landscape Laura had.

  6. Just be mindful, The Agents positions may change for different events, they may not be in the same spot all the time. I have learnt this through my study of the Agency.
    Btw I got a copy of AF1 floorplans leaked by the Air Force awhile back, and the How it Works plan is nothing like the real thing.


  7. I doubt the AF1 floorplans is something you could share with us right James? If that is the case, I totally understand.

  8. Steve, In any other situation I would say no but seeing that ive seen it on over 10 websites I would be happy to share it with my fellow White House Fans. But first I found this link with all about the security for Obama and other Persidents:


    Here is a link, with GREAT pictures of the mystery structure near the WW:


    And the floorplan and many other items on Air Force One:


    I have watched many videos on inside Air Force One and the floorplan is correct.

    Kind Regards James

    p.s – Make sure you look at the mystery structe link.

  9. James wrote: “Just be mindful, The Agents positions may change for different events, they may not be in the same spot all the time.”

    I don’t think there is all that much mystery to where the inner cirle of agents are positioned. Around the Oval Office, when the President is in it or any of the adjoining rooms, they are at each doorway leading to it. Some of them are uniformed. There would be one at the Oval Office door leading to the hallway (see http://www.whitehousemuseum.org/west-wing/corridor/corridor-oval-office-door.jpg); at least one covering the doorways from the Oval and Outer Oval to the colonnade; one in the hallway just outside of the door from the Outer Oval; one at the door of the private dining room leading to the hallway (see http://www.whitehousemuseum.org/west-wing/corridor/corridor-oval-office-2009-day-one.jpg); and one near the outside doorway of the private dining room, which leads to the patio.

    As the President moves around the West Wing, some of the agents move with him and others are called into new positions. Like, if the President is in the Cabinet Room, then the doors from the Cabinet Room to the colonnade are covered, as are the doors leading to the corridor.

    Usually, every doorway leading to the room where the President is in the West Wing gets an agent. In daylight, the colonnade and patio may be covered from the nearby guardshack. At night, usually at least one agent will stand on or close by the colonnade, and another at the patio, to cover those doorways.

  10. In regards to the last post, that link is for howstuffworks.com If you look at the post by James, he mentions the floorplan for howstuffworks.com is nothing like the real thing.

  11. Exactly right Steve, and It came from the Air Force so my money is on the Leaked Floorplan.

  12. However, it looks like How Stuff Works has copyied the leaked copy, so that would be a good guess to think that they were wrong the first time.

  13. If you’ve watched the Air Force One DVD from National Geographic you’d see that the howstuffworks floorplan is essentially correct.

  14. I haven’t seen the new AF1 DVD from Nat Geographic, I have the old one. I also have Inside The White House from them and Inside the U.S. Secret Service. I plan to get the new On Board Air Force One and On Board Marine One DVD’s from them. I also have or will be getting other DVD’s from the History Channel along with one from the White House Historical Association. Any recomendations on DVD’s I should get about the Presidency?

  15. I just remember, since I mentioned about DVD’s/videos… On the facebook White House Musuem fan page I ask for everyone’s opinions about a video I would like see done by Nat Geographic, so I would like anyones feedback on that, either on that facebook page or on here. One person who comented on that brought up a good point that that could be part of the video if I were to become reality.

  16. The CSPAN White House DVD is excellent as well. Get the extended version–it’s well worth the extra $$.

  17. The ‘How Stuff Works’ has changed it to the proper one now, because they must have seen the leaked floorplan. If you saw it before they changed it, it looked nothing like the real thing.

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