New front page – Nixon wedding

I’ve changed the front page, at the suggestion of long-time visitor Jack Montgomery, to a pic of the June wedding of Tricia Nixon in the Rose Garden. As usual, you can find the history of front pages on the Front Page Gallery page.

2 thoughts on “New front page – Nixon wedding

  1. I like this picture. I think it’s a great thing to show the happy times at the White House. Has anyone provided you with pics for occassions such as the Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn or more pics of Christmas decorations and/or parties? I would love to see some of those.

  2. Some pics I would like to see are parties on the rooftops of the corridors leading to either the East Wing or West Wing….or on the rooftops itself, not on the porch outside the sun room though, we have them on the WHM site. Doesn’t have to be parties either, even a press confrence like Carter did on the roof of the WW near the solar pannels. Any event on the many roofs of different parts of the WH where they is a good number of people. Heck, even if the President had a meeting on the rooftop with a few people, that be good too.

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