19th Century

I’ve added more than a dozen new photos, many of them from the late 19th century, filling out the exteriors a little. One thing they demonstrate is how often the layout of the north lawn plantings changed—every three or four years they were completely different.

Also included are a few more early 20th-century West Wing pics, including a new one of the Telegraph Room in 1923. In it, the man standing appears to be the same man seated in the middle in the earlier photo. I like to think he got promoted and upgraded those awful shoes. I’ve also made the floor plans of the old West Wing into clickable maps, which allows you to get to the rooms quickly and also allows people to link directly to specific areas.

Oh, and Pierce Brosnan got a VIP tour today.

3 thoughts on “19th Century

  1. I love the old pictures of the White House exterior … especially the ones of the gardens and lawns.

  2. Anon— I’ve seen that before, and I don’t know how it happens, but I’ve fixed it. It may be the result of some file shifting done by my provider.

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