Yesterday, Joe Biden revealed that there is indeed a secure bunker built under the vice-president’s residence at 1 Observatory Circle. Astute observers will recall news reports of explosions in 2002 that irritated neighbors.

I have at last added a page on the vice-president’s residence.

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  1. Great to see the WHM expand into yet another fascinating aspect of the presidency. You’ve talked about including 10C for some time now. Nice to see it come to fruition.

  2. So this second floor bedroom has a “massive steel door secured by an elaborate lock with a narrow connecting hallway lined with shelves filled with communications equipment”? We gotta get a floor plan of the second floor of this place.

  3. As if there is not a Bunker there, he is the Vice President of he United States of America. I have and always contiue to believe that there is one there.

  4. Speaking of bunkers, has anyone noticed if any dirt-hauling activity is going on out of the new odd temporary building next to Executive Avenue south of the West Wing? I don’t think the Secret Service likes the idea of the Presidential Emergency Operations Center being so far (under the East Wing) from where the presidential offices are located. And, they are a little cramped. See http://georgewbush-whitehouse.archives.gov/news/releases/2001/09/images/20010911-16_p7157-10-515h.html

  5. In the Peoc they may have much more, like BIOLOGICAL showers and equipment. Many people say that it is like the situation room, but there is a main security room. Say like that area in the link above is in a secure area, but they may also have a main secure room. I have read a dozen books as to that theory. There is also a SS office/locker room located under the EW.
    In one book they also said that there is a room full of bunk beds for lower key staff and visitors that may be visiting the WH at that time.

    Fell free if you would like to ask anymore info.

  6. My understanding is that the PEOC is not a large area; it is designed to withstand a nuclear blast, and therefore it is deep underground and heavily insulated. There are two main rooms, including the conference room; I think it is called the Executive Briefing Room. It may well have a shower stall and a few beds; it is manned around the clock by military personnel, somewhat like the Situation Room is. And, it was intended to be the President’s residence, if necessary, after a nuclear attack, and there was no time for him to be evacuated to one of the mountain emergency facilities.

    The Secret Service’s offices in the East Wing are entirely separate from the PEOC.

    I was told that FDR chose the location for the PEOC — which back in the 1940s was just to be a bomb shelter — because there already was a tunnel under the East Wing, which led to the Treasury Building, which could be the access to the bomb shelter. And, creating such a structure under the West Wing would have been too disruptive to the daily operations of the President’s offices.

  7. Exactly right Rod, the SS are in the EW basement (Which I have heard you need to go through to get to the Peoc). I do know however that there is a Biological Room (showers) incase of a airbourne particals. The room may also contain a Exam room and holding room.
    In the PEOC there is a room designed for the stay of ‘The Football’ as the carrier sleeps there whilst the President is in the residence.
    There is also a control room located in the PEOC run by the US Military.


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