Background checks work; pat downs next?

Two students were taken into custody at the White House today when they arrived for a tour. Routine background checks on tourists uncovered immigration orders against them.

Meanwhile, the daily press briefing was interrupted numerous times by journalists’ cell phones going off. I don’t know about you, but I turn off my phone for regular staff meetings; I can’t imagine taking a call in the middle of a televised WH briefing as Bill Plante did.

11 thoughts on “Background checks work; pat downs next?

  1. Colton, as always Thanks again for sharing the photos. Keep em coming, I love seeing these photos, keep up the good work. Time to add some photos to the WHM site. 1. President Obama in the press corp offices before going into the Press breifing room..add that to the press corp offices portion. 2. The President & First Lady in the elevator to go up to the private residence. 3. Obama in the OO corridor saying goodbye to his invited guest. 4. Obama having a light moment in the OO with a staff member…we see the door to the hall of private study open, but we can see part of the washroom door mark 500…that can go right before or behind the photo of Bush & Cheney entering that hall. 5. President Obama in the situation room…where we see more of VP Biden to Obama’s left and the Presidential Seal behind Obama, and 6. Obama in the situation room greeting the military officials. Is that a door or just a wall behind them…the right side of the photo (last photo)

  2. Some of the photos have been added to the WHM main What’s New page, but there are still so many good shots. I really enjoy Souza’s photos because they really capture the behind the scenes life of the White House. I wish they’d bring back ‘West Wing’ (with a more realistic version of the WH/WW).

  3. Yes, I’m monitoring Pete Souza’s photostream, and the new pics are great to see. Some of them reveal some great new stuff. Many others are wonderful photos of the Obama administration and—tho they don’t really illustrate the White House itself—are really worth a look.

  4. What is the significance of the number “500” on the President’s lavatory? Are any other doors at the White House similarly numbered?

  5. The focus on the restroom door is fascinating. Such progress that has been made in getting to the point that we can actually see the door to Room 500 through the Oval Office doorway!

    What we need is somebody on the inside right now to take his cellphone into that room and photograph the throne. The most likely snoop for us? A Navy steward would be a good bet.

    What does “500” mean? I never found out for sure, but I assumed it was a military reference, like latrine, or the Air Force term, honeypot, or the Navy term, head. Perhaps an aide being able to state that “the President is in room 500” would be less offensive than to suggest the vision to be drawn from the truth.

    JFK used “head”. He asked the father of a friend of mine where the head was, while he was Mount Vernon, Virginia hosting the president of Pakistan.

  6. I found this interesting picture on the Interet of the Oval Office with G.W. and Cheney, and an open doorway revealing the corridor. It reveals the hallway and lobby in the distance.

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