Welcome, Mr. Lafferty’s 6th grade class!

I got this a few days ago:

My greatest compliments to you for the wonderful gem that is WhiteHouseMuseum.org!  I am a 6th grade language arts and social studies teacher, and your website is an integral part of new year-end project on the White House.  This past Thursday, 53 areas of the White House were divided up among both of my classes, and with any luck many of the students will be clicking their way to WhiteHouseMuseum.org over the course of the next week!

Great to hear! I hope the class enjoys it. Welcome, kids!

5 thoughts on “Welcome, Mr. Lafferty’s 6th grade class!

  1. Hi Kids!

    Hope all is well on the project so far.

    Curious …Any suggestions for the whitehouse (maybe a new room, furniture, or electronics)? What is your favorite room in the house?

    If you want to look a little more deep into the past you may want to check out the presidential libraries online (or in person if you are close) 🙂

    Mid America Mom

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