Completely disregarding the money-saving possibilities—let alone marketing possibilities—of White House honey, the Obamas had a swarm of bees removed from the grounds the other day.

7 thoughts on “Bees!

  1. The bees had actually swarmed away from the hives the Obamas ARE keeping at the White House and the above picture shows the grounds staffer retrieving the queen bee to return to the official WH Hive.

  2. Whom ever wrote the last comment, please explain… there will be a hive of bees on the WH grounds? If so, why, and where will it be?

  3. To follow up for the third time, and to answer your question of why, the hive is a part of the Obama’s new garden and their healthy eating agenda.

  4. Having lived on a blueberry farm in my teenage years, I can confirm that bees are absolutely essential in order to polinate the plants. We had 8 hives to cover 35 acres of berries.

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