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  1. Derek, any news about getting the photo of the dining room where we can see the proximity of the Presidents Private Study to the dining room on the site? I have mentioned it before, its the one that was on the youtube video of Al Roker interviewing WH photog Chris Morris.

  2. Thanks for reminding me. My current office and hotel won’t let me access YouTube, so I have to have a look on the weekend. Now that I’ve seen the video and know that the photo look like, I haven’t found that photo online, but I have added a similar one from Morris. If anyone knows if this appeared in the Nat’l Geo issue and can say which one, I’ll try to get it, or maybe someone could scan it.

  3. In the newly posted pictures “JFK and guest” in the Palm Room, I believe that guest is Eleanor Roosevelt.

  4. HI everyone.

    1. I think Eleanor is a good bet as she served as his chair for a women’s commission that concluded that year. April she was at congress and august she gave him a report.

    2. A picture for you of JFK in the oval office with
    and the present day study (I cannot recall what he had in this room). What makes this unique to what I see on this site is that the door to the study is NEXT to the oval office. Not sure you had seen this in any of your books.

    (taken from George Mason University site)- http://www.gmu.edu/library/specialcollections/acsjfk384_13_26f.jpg

    Mid America Mom

  5. Yes, that is definitely Eleanor Roosevelt. Her height, her hair, everything about her is Eleanor in her last years.

  6. I love the Johnson pic of the study. It has funky 60s retro chairs. The room is pretty small. Reagan had a nice chaise lounge type chair. But I guess a good place to hang out privately …..

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