West Wing structure

Visitor I Carp sent a photo that appeared on page 18 of the New York Times the other day showing the new structure on the west side of the West Wing that, I believe, is a cover concealing work on the above-ground part of new underground parking and security facilities. I don’t think we’ve had any official announcement on this; but this is almost certainly going to be torn down eventually to reveal the “real” building constructed inside it.

Thanks, I Carp!

6 thoughts on “West Wing structure

  1. What a great photo!

    Can anyone please give me a description of the underground construction that is going on?

    Is this part of the $300 million National Park Service project from ten years ago?

    Will the press offices be in new location?

    Is this a huge project also taking place under the Ellipse?

  2. Can anyone post links to more articles about and pictures of this mystery structure? I’m intrigued but I can’t find any more details.

  3. I got a few snaps of that one and the one on the other side when i was in Dc, I couldn’t see much, but its well guarded, I pass them on to Derek and see if he can post them.


  4. My understanding…and none of this is from official sources…is that no major contruction is happening at this time, that the plan from 1999 is still on hold. These temporary structures are for off-site receiving of all shipments and then are taken to the mansion by White House personnel. It is meant as a security measure so vendors can no longer get right up next to the building. Again, I can’t confirm this, but it comes from fairly reliable sources.

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