The president’s victory garden

The New York Times reports that the Obamas are digging up a patch of the far south lawn (within view by the public) to plan a victory garden of sorts. The White House kitchen staff has long harvested plants for spicing and flavoring the first family’s meals, but this will be a full-fledged vegetable garden since Eleanor Roosevelt’s during WW2.

Bonus: In that same article, we also finally got a great new photo of the Kitchen Pantry. Woo hoo!

Thanks to Nick for the link!

White House vegetable garden

4 thoughts on “The president’s victory garden

  1. Did Roland Mesnier retire, and if so, when did he reitre? How long was he there? I am also gonna assume that long time WH person John Muckler (spelling) retired since he was started there in the mid to late 40’s…when did he retire?

  2. Derek, any news about getting the photo of the dining room where he can see the proximity of the Presidents Private Study to the dining room on the site? The photo, I mentioned before is the one that was on the youtube video of Al Roker interviewing WH photog Chris Morris.

  3. Offhand I’d say that approximate location is close enough to the south fence to allow ill-willers to spray poison over the garden.

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