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  1. To be honest, I am so tired of March Madness for college hoops after so many years, lets not get that involved with the rich history and interesting things of the WH. I don’t think the whole march madness should be made into the big deal that it seems to be. Everyone makes such a big deal out of college hoops and college football…but nothing about college hockey or college baseball. College hockey and baseball might have some coverage, but not made into the big deal and not as known like college basketball and football. Same goes for pro sports, of course the Super Bowl, but it seems more is made out for the NBA playoffs and more people talk about that. World Series seems to be decent coverage, but stanley cup playoffs…gets coverage, but not made into a big deal for the most part, only where hockey is considered the major sport.

  2. I saw this piece on youtube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNue9aWTLwM No comment on the bracket (who is UNC 😉 ).

    BUT once again our President is in the map room. Few points.

    1. It is official they have a new rug in there.

    2. From the angle in this shot and video it looks to be the same part of the room as his 3/7/09 address – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kV_D6avFtdo. SO we can see:

    -A red chair on the center room hall wall. Looks like the side table, lamp, and sofa remain

    -They also have a taste for art – I see more. At least one more piece to the center hall wall and two on the wall to the diplomatic reception (the large one in the middle was swapped).

    3. If we had a bracket for obama’s favorite spot for personal NON audience attended taped or recorded events- this would be his pick to go all the way.

    Interviews, weekly addresses, and oh yeah- the presidential OATH (first for that room though officially what will be the place of record?)

    Mid America Mom

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