The Daily Show With Jon Stewart sent John Oliver to the White House press area for a good tour of the offices. [This just aired; the video is not yet available on the Comedy Central site.]

Jordan sent links to the White House Historical Association’s YouTube video channel and the old White House videos of the Cabinet Room and Oval Office. Great stuff.

Also, thanks to Colton for the link to some videos from Smithsonian’s White House Revealed.

UPDATE: The Daily Show video clip is available now on their site.


3 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Derek, the new 2009 pic you posted is incorrectly labeled as the State Dining Room – you can tell it’s the East Room.

  2. Thanks I found I cannot get into the smithsonian site at all (will check later).

    Speaking of videos…
    Looked at the last two weekly addresses from Obama. 2/28 he was in the library (looks to be the same as W’s so far) and this week the map room. I found the map room setup to be odd. They are filming INTO the diplomatic reception room. In the short hall they threw a desk from the map room which is too big for the space- complete with a vase of flowers and maybe the candlestick lamp from the secretary.

  3. Just a note on the Life photos…while it certainly looks like those are wedding pictures of Luci, they are actually of her when she was crowned Cherry Blossom Queen in either 1964 or 1965. It used to be a big deal with a court of attendants and all that jazz. But it sure does look like those are some ugly bridesmaid dresses.

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