Luci Johnson

Found some good pictures in the Life collection of Luci Johnson’s wedding day*, including a portrait sitting in the Vermeil China Room at the time, with the JBK decor.

Bonus: CBS interview with Luci reminiscing, done at the time of Jenna Bush’s wedding.

I’ve also added a number of West Wing photos.

* Crowning as Queen of the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester, VA in 1964. Photos of her 1966 wedding are available, tho (and nearly indistinguishable to me).

7 thoughts on “Luci Johnson

  1. Hi,

    Luci is pictured in the China Room, not the Vermeil Room, as evidenced by the portrait of Grace Goodhue Coolidge and the Harriet Lane ottoman upon which Luci is sitting. The room looks like it was in transition, perhaps.

  2. In that photo of Rumsfeld showing off his stand-up desk, successor Cheney looks like he hopes Rummy takes it with him when he leaves for DoD.

  3. Rats. I’ve been looking for a picture of the Vermeil Room from the ’60s and thought I’d had it. I figured Grace had been shifted. Well, that gives me a picture of the China Room in the ’60s anyway.

  4. The part of the drapes showing in the picture matches the diagram of the draperies on page 131 of Designing Camelot.

  5. This photo of Luci in the China Room is the ONLY PHOTO I’ve ever seen of the Boudin blue/grey color scheme – which appears in the double page spread of the cut-away drawing in early editions of the White House guidebook, but for some reason is never, ever seen in actual photographs!!! This is a VERY, VERY rare photograph!

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