8 thoughts on “The East Wing

  1. Is there a basement to the East Wing? I know there’s the PEOC, but I would assume that it’s a few floors down.

  2. Surprised that you didn’t mention that that’s Donald Rumsfeld in this latest picture you’ve posted from LIFE magazine (of the West Wing second floor).

  3. Christopher, I didn’t think it was, but it does look like him. I can’t find the source now.

    Colton, my understanding is that the PEOC is accessed directly from big vault doors in the EW basement (there was a picture in the Na’l Geo video special awhile back) and that the basement also contains a locker room for the Secret Service and access to the tunnel to the Treasury Building.

  4. Thanks Derek!

    Does anyone know what the current status is of the 20 year, $300 million underground expansion plan for the White House? The plan included new underground press offices, parking structures and offices.

  5. Your right about the SS lockeroom Derek, the SS have 3 sections in the Wh, WW Ground Floor where PPD are located (Desks and Lockers), Residence Ground Floor CAT lockers. And under the EW where Uniform Division offices and lockers are located.

  6. Wouldn’t it be ERT lockers, rather than CAT in the residence. Or are those really the same thing with the only difference being on campus (ERT) and off campus (CAT).

  7. Same thing, both are same group, just different names for assignments. Ert guard the building and Cat in motorcades ect.

    Good catch tho 🙂

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