Press secretary area revealed

Joe Scarborough toured the West Wing press staff area today accompanied by an out-of-control nine-year-old girl and conducted by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. It’s a great look at a seldom-seen part of the White House.

Meanwhile, their friend Willie Geist poked around the old swimming pool and also the Press Briefing Room.

While I’m at it, here is a tour Bill Plante did a few months ago (that includes the Kitchen, Pastry Kitchen, Family Theater, and Bowling Alley) that you may have missed (introduced by Chris Presumestoomuch).

Thanks to everyone who sent links.

8 thoughts on “Press secretary area revealed

  1. It appears (you can can tell because of the window in comparison to the corner office) as though there is no room for the corner stairway as in the WW floor plan. It also looks like the press staff area is smaller than previously thought.

  2. The stairs are indeed there, the only real question is how large of steps they really are. And the lower press area, as shown in the floor plan is accurate within the footprint of the West Wing.

  3. Yeah. It looks like the window cubby is about three feet deep, so there’s about a 3 x 12 space in the northwest corner. But where is the door? (Get out of the way, Joe!)

  4. I wonder if the door is facing the driveway. It may always been designed to be only accessible from the outside.

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