Nooks and crannies

I’ve added some new pics of those nooks and crannies I love so much, including the sub-basement Dressing Room, West Wing stairs, Navy Mess, and a photo of a photo of GWB bowling.

Also, I’ve added a disappointed review of Oliver Stone’s W, a lackluster film which makes little attempt at portraying the White House accurately.

7 thoughts on “Nooks and crannies

  1. HI! thanks for the new!

    The president dining comment a few below had me thinking. Do we have another interesting nook associated with that room besides the usher space?

    That new china that Laura introduced last month was done in the family dining room on the 1st floor which you have pics. We can see that the west wall of the room opposite the fireplace also has two sets of doors- one near the hall and one near the window. Recent pictures in the pantry show(esp 1992 and 2006)a refridge there. Our and the various historical floorplans differ on this door near the window. I am assuming this is another fake door or does it have something there?

    And anyone want camp david? I found a site today-

  2. In many spots where you’d think it was a doorway into another room (and in old floor plans that door may have been that) for practicality sake in time the door becomes a closet.

  3. ‘Morning Joe’ of MSNBC is broadcasting from the White House. Willie Geist is wandering around the press area with his camera crew.

  4. Duane– Stone is not known for his verisimilitude, but you’d think he could figure out how to make it entertaining. Instead it’s like a PowerPoint presentation of gaffes. I mean seriously: the pretzel blackout? What does that have to do with ANYTHING?

    Colton– Cool! Thanks!

  5. Mid America Mom and Peter– Just as the emperor said that Mozart’s The Magic Flute has “too many notes,” the White House clearly has too many doors. But deciding exactly which ones to remove is a challenge that few have dared accept. It’s easier to turn them into tiny closets.

  6. Some would ask “What does Stone have to do with anything?” I think his “oeuvre” makes that a fair question.

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