Ford Museum roadtrip

I managed to drive up to Grand Rapids, Michigan yesterday to visit the Ford Presidential Museum. I’m still processing the photos, including some I shot in 3D (you won’t need glasses).

UPDATE: Pete’s floor plans look great and are a terrific addition to the White House in Miniature exhibit; they provide some context that is a little lacking. Find the photo gallery here.

3 thoughts on “Ford Museum roadtrip

  1. The museum was very nice; small but laid out nicely and featuring appropriate exhibits. I suspect that people go to it primarily for the White House room replicas, which are well done. The White House in Miniature exhibit was very impressive, altho I felt like a lot of the office rooms were of little value, since you could only see them thru the windows and their layout and contents were mostly conjecture. The VP’s office was all wrong, for example.

  2. I can’t believe no one has commented on the sweet 3D photos. You just cross your eyes to view them. Dang, I was so proud of those.

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