7 thoughts on “Air Force One and other 3D

  1. Lots of time taken to do this. Sharp. Haven’t seen any windows on that skydeck behind the cockpit on the real thing, though, at least not on AF1 as it was filmed and shown on tv during the past couple weeks.

  2. And just to add, (and who can complain which such a great model) I’d have like to see a presidential seal on the side of the plane.

  3. Hi James,

    I have some too, but send them if you like. I doubt I’m anywhere close to building an Air Force One interior model.

  4. I left a comment earlier regarding reproduction of AF1 and the two windows on the upper deck on the starboard side. I didn’t think they belonged there. Today television has given us two views of the plane, and there are windows on the upper deck on the starboard side. Our views are usually of the port side of the plane, and that side has no windows on the upper deck behind the cockpit. My error.

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