Pottery Barn Decor

Us magazine is reporting that Michelle Obama and Michael Smith will decorate the family quarters with items from Pottery Barn. Now, maybe I’m stupid, but how much pottery can the first family need?

The article also mentions that the first kids will have to do “chores like pouring milk on their own cereal.” I don’t think pouring milk qualifies as a chore if it doesn’t first involve milking a cow.


6 thoughts on “Pottery Barn Decor

  1. The hardest part of milking a cow is getting that little tab thingy pulled out of the opening, after you unscrew the top.

  2. This is becoming a nightmare. Pottery Barn in the White House? Please…I think I may throw up a little bit. Barack Obama is already running around the Oval Office in his just his shirt with a loosened tie. The First Lady (I use that term loosely) is allowing the staff to dress down for family duty. And now this.
    Michelle Obama needs a stylist, its very evident from her ensembles not only at the inaugural events but also from election night and the ‘thing’ she wore the first day of residence while receiving in the Blue Room. If her decorator uses things from Pottery Barn she needs a new decorator. Uggh.
    I am as Democrat as they come, but these two may be more than I can handle.

  3. Pottery Barn is an American Company. I feel certain that it was decided to promote this choice in order to highlight the work of a company that more average Americans could aspire to own.

    Michael Smith (who has been chosen to decorate the Living Quarters of the White House) is a very high-end and well thought-of decorator. I was very impressed with what I saw in the book on his work – and I look forward to seeing what he does at the White House.

    I am very proud and pleased to have The President and First Lady to represent my country. I have no doubt that The Obama’s style will evolve as they serve our country in the White House. Everyone who lives there aquires a certain polish – everyone – including the extremely stylish Jacqueline Kennedy – has gone through this process.

  4. Pottery Barn may be an American company, but I would bet that 99% of what they sell is NOT stamped “MADE IN USA”.

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