Japanese TV Q&A

I was contacted a couple of days ago by Japanese TV and have since exchanged a few e-mails and taken 3 phone calls. They’re very curious about Barack Obama, especially the food he likes and how much money he can spend on various things.

I’ve written published elsewhere [warning politics] about the lousy pay in the federal government, but I didn’t have anything on WHM about the president’s pay. So, as part of my prep for their questions, I rewatched Gary Walters’ interview on C-SPAN from awhile ago and then added a couple of Q&As to the Q&A page about the president’s accounts and the running of the White House.

Please correct me if I’ve made any mistakes or left anything out.

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  1. Tysto.com is my personal site, with collaborative contributions which I used to sometimes create from e-mail discussions with friends. That article came out of a lengthy discussion, and I forgot who I attributed it to.

  2. This is unrelated, but does anyone know why there appears to be a temporary structure over the southwest side of the West Wing? It seems to me that there has been some sort of structure between the West Wing and the EEOB for some time. Are they remodeling something?

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