New West Wing ground floor plan

Pete has completed the new ground floor of the West Wing, and I have posted it. Like the others, it is terrific.

I’ve shrunk all the new diagrams to a greater degree (still keeping them all the same scale) so they fit better on the pages. Still, they don’t fit on a standard 1024 x 768 screen, requiring users to scroll vertically (the old diagrams were small enough to fit completely on a 1024 x 768 screen). Let me know if this is a problem or if the greater size makes for a better experience.

7 thoughts on “New West Wing ground floor plan

  1. I regret to say I do not like the new floor plans. The old floor plans were much more interesting, with greater detail and suited the website better.

  2. The 17th picture in the set is the hallway parallel and south of the Roosevelt Room.

    Because of the statue, you can then see that the photo of Bush and Blair in the hallway is between the Chief of Staff’s office and the Oval.

    The lighting in the Bush/Blair photo shows light immediately to the right, so I think their may actually be a doorway to the office below the West Wing Lobby. But I could be wrong.

  3. The Bush Blair photo of the hallway is the hall directly west of the oval office looking west. The light from the doorway to the right is the office of Jim Messina in the Obama White House directly to the south of the West Wing Lobby

  4. The plan is to not only provide simple floor plans like were seeing now, but to also show more detail in other plans. I think folks like Geoffrey will be pleased when the time comes. Thanks for the feedback.

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