White House Man

Commenter and photo-supplier Nick Valenziano gave Richard Roeper a run-down on how the White House works. Great job, Nick!


4 thoughts on “White House Man

  1. There are a series of folding screens that are placed across the Ground Floor Corridor just east of the Diplomatic Reception Room. This way the family and personal guests can pass from the South Portico entrance, into the corridor and proceed to the family elevator. Tourists and others who are coming from the East Wing and then ascending the Grand Staircase are on the other side and can’t see each other.

    I am going to email a picture of them to Derek and perhaps he will post it.

  2. PS…if you look at the 1952 pictures posted of the Ground Floor Corridor, there are curtains hanging at intervals. These were placed there to serve the same function as the screens now do. The curtains could be dropped during tour hours and then raised when the corridor was empty.

  3. Thanks!

    I actually was under the impression that guests were not allowed and tours were not given when members of the first family were on campus.

    As to the suspicious door on the ABC blog, I believe the door to the press briefing room in blue to match the wall, and the door is certainly much taller than Obama himself.

    There is sunlight on Obama, so that would rule out the elevator idea, I think.

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