7 thoughts on “New West Wing plan

  1. There were several pictures of President Obama yesterday in or near the oval. One supposedly showed him before he entered the office for the first time. The doors he oaused outside of were double panel doors. This could not be the oval itself, was it from the dining room off of the oval , or an outside hallway ?

  2. Yes, I saw some of those, but I can’t find good sized ones. They were taken by a White House photographer and not posted on WhiteHouse.gov. Moreover, some news agencies refused to distribute them. (Traditionally, public photo moments are shot by news media; the WH photographers shoot and release private photo moments).

  3. Yeah, that’s not the Oval Office door. It’s clearly near a window, for one thing. It actually looks like an elevator door. I’ve posted the one of Obama at the desk on the Resolute page.

  4. I keep a portfolio with information and different photos about The White House and things associated with the Presidency. In my portfolio I have photos that were taken from many administrations, including some during the Bush administration. I looked at all the doors the Oval Office has, both sides of the doors (because I do have different pics that show both sides of each door at one time or another) and the door President Obama is at clearly isn’t an Oval Office door. I have to agree with you Derek, looks like an elevator door, because I don’t even see a door nob.

  5. Derek, since you mentiontioned that you posted the photo of President Obama at the Resolute desk, I took a look at it, along with other photos via the White House museum and pics I have, and I noticed one thing. President Kennedy had an inscribed brass plate on the front of the desk, where photos of Presidents that used the desk after Kennedy, there isn’t the brass plate. In the new photo of Obama and his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel in the oval office, you can see there is a brass plate on the back side of the desk. Did the desk get turned around and the panel on the desk with the Presidential Seal get placed on the other side of the desk, or what happened to the brass plate Kennedy had, and why not have it back on the desk?

  6. I think it’s the sliding door that the President and Press Secretary use to get in and out of the Press Room from near the podium. I know that door is extra wide and down a little ramp. That would explain why the door seems awfully short.

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