New blog!

To improve site performance, I’ve imported the old Blogger weblog into a new WordPress weblog and called it “The Ellipical Saloon” instead of “The Oval Office”. This may just be a temporary name change or it could be permanent.

7 thoughts on “New blog!

  1. I say keep the name “The Oval Office” There is a department known as Oval Office Operations, so another idea could be “The Oval Office Administration” Maybe even “The Situation Room”

  2. Personally I prefer “The Ellipical Saloon.” It’s been part of the White House since the beginning, while the “Oval Office” has only been around since the Taft administration.

  3. “Oval Office” always seemed a little officious, whereas “Elliptical Saloon” feels more casual and historical. “Press Briefing Room” is too administrative. And “Situation Room” is too Blitzeresque.

  4. Chris, good point about “the Ellipical Saloon,” because of the history and everything.
    Derek, I can see where your coming from and understand how the name of a place can give a certain meaning. It’s just me, but I like “Oval Office” better, but like I said, I totally understand how the name can give a certain feeling or meaning. I didn’t think about it, but “eliptical Saloon” and mentioning how it feels more casual, I agree on that. Any other suggestions by anyone?

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