Inauguration day

On this auspicious occasion, I happily announce that Peter Sharkey has completed the new colorful, 3D Residence floor plans, which I’ve added to the main site as well as the mirror. The main site is very slow, however, owing to a big rise in visitorship. (Welcome!)

I can’t get over how beautiful the new plans look. Many thanks again to Pete for all his hard work—which, remember, you can always see over at Wingnut’s Workings. More is coming, including some details and fixes. Let us know if you notice any goofs.

By the way, if you check out Wingnut’s Workings, let me know what you think of the white wall tops rather than the black wall tops.

3 thoughts on “Inauguration day

  1. You know Derek: Something occurred to me on this Inauguration Day as I tried to get on the White House Museum Site this morning (and failed). Our new first family are probably among the new viewers of the site over the past few months. I hope they’ve enjoyed it and learned alot about their new digs.

  2. Believe me, Derek. It wasn’t a criticism at all! I tried the regular site merely out of curiousity.

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