Inauguration news and wishes

Keith Olbermann just announced that Barack Obama will keep the Bush 2 Oval Office decor. Most presidents keep the incumbent decor for a while (Bush 2 actually used the Reagan rug), but I bet he gets his own rug eventually… or at least drapes (please drapes).

If this is true, tho, it means a lot less work for Pete in updating the Oval Office model. 😉

Whatever the case— Best wishes to the Obamas in their new home, our favorite house, this mansion of democracy, this palace of the republic, this old white house.

Also, Vice-President Dick Cheney reportedly injured his back moving boxes and will attend the inauguration in a wheelchair. Best wishes for a quick recovery.

4 thoughts on “Inauguration news and wishes

  1. I take it you don’t care for the Bush 2 drapes?

    It would be nice to see the Bush 1 Oval Office decor brought out of storage. His was a really classy and elegant look that was there for such a short time.

    Perhaps one day we’ll see them branch out a bit–return to some red or dark green for the rug. Time to shake it up a bit!

  2. Derek, has announced the new Obama four poster bed for the Master Bedroom.have a look! It looks like Michael Smith had a hand in this……..and yes, change the drapes in the O.O. It’s time to separate the windows as JFK’s version in the sixties.

  3. To my understanding, the Pesident, I mean he former President, does not get to keep the rug they used in the Oval Office, why is that? Does it go to the persons Presidential Library?

  4. Any furnishings (for any room) purchased with WH funds or donated to the WH become part of the WH collection (and are available for use by future presidents). His library will have a reproduction made, probably at a smaller size, since the Oval Office replicas in the presidential libraries tend to be about 7/8th scale.

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