Michael S Smith named as decorator

Visitor Halcyon notes in the comments on another post that Michael S Smith has been named as the Obama’s decorator. Keep your fingers crossed that he passes confirmation by the Senate.* Halcyon says:

To me, this is good news.
Smith announced today his first project is having a very old burled Maple four poster converted from a full to a king size bed. (this last part not in the article, but a buzz from a Rhode Island Designer I know)

* I may have that wrong.

UPDATE: The Bed. AP via PinkPillbox.


2 thoughts on “Michael S Smith named as decorator

  1. Indeed, Smith’s name doesn’t go before either chamber of Congress for approval. The Congress holds the purse strings regarding redecoration,but if it were to balk, the Obamas could redecorate with private funding–using their own discretion for everything west of the Grand Staircase on the second floor and for the entire third floor. I think the Treaty Room is also considered personal space.

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