Just in time for the inauguration….

In the immortal words of Stephen Sondheim, “somethin’s comin’, somethin’ good,” only this time it’s not a shooting death in a vacant lot at the hands of a vengeful Puerto Rican street tough. It’s a set of brand new contemporary floor plans in three dimensions and living color by Pete Sharkey.

I’ve added the draft versions of the new plans to the mirror site only for the ground, second, and third floors so far. I stress that these are drafts and may look a little funny. I think I will have to make them smaller eventually when I get the wings, since the wings are wider and may end up too wide to fit on screen.

Not coincidentally, I hereby award Peter Sharkey the Lorenzo Winslow Beauty in Precision Award (the “Winnie”).


4 thoughts on “Just in time for the inauguration….

  1. Derek, you've done a great job with the new floorplans. Please make one for the first floor and the East & West Wings!

  2. Pete these are *incredible*, as usual – complete with little shadows and everything – um…

    But I do have two comments…

    (1) I believe the fireplace is on the opposite side of the Diplomatic Reception Room.

    (2) (and this one might be harder because of the differing planes from two slightly different levels) – but it would be very effective to have some sort of shadow on the wall indicating that the ramp (and level change) from the thrid-floor center hall up to the solarium.

    Having said that, and realizing that I wouldn’t have the vaguest idea of how to do what you’ve achieved, (not to mention the awesome, awesome 3-D White House model you did) I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had looking at these new 3-D floor plans and tracing my cursor around the little rooms. Because in this format, they *do* seem like little rooms and not just floor plans! Really Well Done!!!

  3. Thanks John. Yeah that’s an oops on the fireplace but easy to fix.

    About the ramp. Some ramps are there but there are still very difficult to actually make them visible – – – they don’t seem to show up. The Third Floor Solarium has the ramp in that model, yet it’s not all that visible. I’ll keep playing with it. 🙂

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