Statistics revisited

As you may have noticed from the slow site performance, page views are back up substantially and probably will stay that way thru the inauguration. Oct. 5 represents the last “normal” week. I’ve kept the mirror site updated.

5-Oct-08 56,761
12-Oct-08 70,975
19-Oct-08 73,760
26-Oct-08 78,386
2-Nov-08 192,762
9-Nov-08 369,645
16-Nov-08 525,377
23-Nov-08 150,528
30-Nov-08 115,720
7-Dec-08 96,561
14-Dec-08 137,404
21-Dec-08 82,121
28-Dec-08 104,769
4-Jan-09 142,713

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One thought on “Statistics revisited

  1. Interesting that the week of Dec. 21 was lower than the surrounding weeks – I guess people were out frantically Christmas shopping at the Mauls

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