Bunch of stuff

I’ve added a navigation link to the Sub-Basements and posted a bunch of new photos. Check the What’s New page or the mirror What’s New page.


6 thoughts on “Bunch of stuff

  1. Yeah I was just watching the C-SPAN doc. today going “Wow there’s the Chief Usher’s office” Totally learned something new. I always knew the ushers room (larger one) was below that, just didn’t know about the mezz office.

  2. Did anyone else notice the plain glass screen in the Entrance Hall in the newly added picture of the Blue Room? You can see it through the door. It’s neat because the only screen we ever see is that of Tiffany. This one would have been far more chaste and blending with the house.

  3. I agree with Dennis about the screen in that photo of the Blue Room. There’s another photo of the Blue Room in Betty Monkman’s book that gives a glimpse of this screen too, and one can see the etched glass design.

    Wonderful, wonderful additions Derek. Thank you!

  4. Woah! Derek, you’ve been busy! I have to say that I like Laura’s new Family Dining Room rug *much* more than the old one. The old one just looked too “1984 Puffed-up Architectural Digest 5th Ave. Penthouse” for my taste. This one’s much quieter and (even though the border’s a little fussy) much more in keeping with the federal feeling of the room. I’d still prefer an oriental carpet in there but I’m grateful for small favors…

    Dennis I hadn’t noticed the screen through the Blue Room door until I read your comment. You’re quick to pick up on that!

  5. For you Canadian WH junkies (Wingnut et al), the Canadian Parliamentary channel CPAC will be running the American C-SPAN White House Week series starting tonight (Sunday) and all next week……just an amazing late holiday treat!!!!!!!

  6. Good to know MIke. I ordered the DVD’s anyways. Becky recorded them all for em but I want the DVD’s as well.

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