Jack Ford

I’ve posted some of the photos from the 1976 Rolling Stone with Jack Ford. And I updated the mirror site.

Also, I received the 1968 Life with juicy oblique cutaways of the West Wing as well as the WH and East Wing we used to create the current East Wing floor plans.

There’s also a really neat showcase of houses each president was born in (including Johnson), which together make about the ugliest neighborhood I’ve ever seen.* It sort of starts out as Genteel Town, proceeds to Poverty Row, then on to Middleclass Muddle, with brief jaunts up Old Money Lane. I have a feeling that continuing the trend would look like a tour of Old Money Lane.

* Insert your own “Then you haven’t seen wherever” joke.


9 thoughts on “Jack Ford

  1. Great pics of the Ford era, always liked Jack. How sure are you that he’s smoking a cig? I remember stories… The “music room” made for a convienient exit out to spark one up. What a great room for him to have at the WH too, and with his brother Steve right next door in what’s the exercise room now.

  2. Well, according to the article’s author, Cameron Crowe (same guy who became a movie director), Jack’s no hippie junkie, just a groovy kid who tried pot like anybody else and who has not thought much about gays even tho Bianca Jagger took him to a pretty heavy disco and he got hit on by a dude.

  3. No problem. I just started reading your blog a couple of weeks ago but hadn’t commented before.

    I’m a longtime American history buff who recently became interested in the White House itself. I explored much of your website and then realized you had a blog. It’s in my RSS feed now.

  4. I have to say, seeing these pictures of Jack Ford, Bianca and Andy have sparked some VERY nostalgic feelings in me. To think I lived through that era and took all of it for granted, hardly giving it a second thought. The only time I ever visited the White House was during the Ford administration, just after Nixon’s resignation. It doesn’t feel like it was all that long ago, but it’s been almost 35 years!

    Ah the longings of a distant youth! If only I knew then what I know now….

  5. I always liked Jack, also … good looking, intelligent, and seemed like a nice guy. (I have copies of the RS and Interview magazines.) It was interesting to watch him and his siblings during the all the funeral events a couple of years ago. He has darling children!

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